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Private Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions are tailored to individual needs and take place in a safe, confidential setting. Through Gestalt coaching you will gain increased awareness of the stored, unaddressed experiences that are keeping you stuck in the patterns of reactivity. The holistic, experiential process creates opportunities to release mental, physical and emotional pain that has been stored in the body and blocked, or managed, by the mind. Together we will uncover developed strategies that are no longer serving you and negatively impacting the quality of life and relationships you want to have. You will let go and connect more deeply to yourself – your body, your truth, your vision, and your joy – and ignite a newfound sense of release and freedom.

Sessions are 90-minutes and can be arranged one at a time or in a package. To get the maximum benefit from the EGCMethod®, many clients choose a package with shorter coaching sessions (in-person/phone/virtual) in between equine sessions.


  • 1:1 Equine Gestalt Coaching Sessions w/ Horses
  • 1:1 Gestalt Coaching Sessions w/o Horses  
  • Free the Fire Within Personal Transformation Packages

Igniting Intimacy

Couple’s Coaching 

Have you lost that spark? Are you finding it difficult to connect with the burden of on-duty shift-work? Does it feel like you’re living as roomates?

MOVE FROM FRICTION TO FIRE!!  Tailored couples’ sessions and packages, including day and multi-day intensives, can help you rekindle your relationship, gain deeper understanding of your partner as an individual, release relationship wounds, improve communication, and ignite new passion.

“Monica is a woman I admire. She walks her talk with a joyful heart & humble presence. She is one of the most present, compassionate & articulate coaches I’ve witnessed. If you want healing in your life, Monica is your coach!”

Chelsea D., Reno, NV

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