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Groups, Intensives & Workshops
“Monica is a very confident and calming coach who supports others in a graceful way.”
Marie A., West Liberty, OH 

Spark Connection

Groups, Intensives & Workshops

Throughout the year, we host a variety of ongoing weekly groups, intensives, workshops and retreats. Each provide an opportunity for connection with others who share similar experiences and desires, personal growth, insight, healing and fun.

2023 Planned Groups & Events:

  • Reflect & Manifest – set your intentions & enter the new year with an open heart & clear vision
  • Behind the Mask – dedicated to the first responder & healing providers
  • Loving a Hero/Heroine – support for spouses/partners/family members of first responders and healers
  • When Sparks Fly — Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, and Couples relationship groups and workshops
  • Spark Confidence & Independence – weekly gender-specific tween & teen groups
  • Mindfullness & Health – honoring the mind-body-heart connection and its impact on our health, functioning, energy & mental clarity


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Thank you for your coaching! You are so quick to pick up on subtleties in a person… Strong & confident. Thank you!!”

Debra L., Tuolumne, CA

The Horses Are Waiting

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Private and group Gestalt coaching sessions might explore:

• Coming into wholeness and acceptance with the different parts of self that make up every individual

• Burnout, work-life balance and the effects of secondary stress and trauma from the workplace

• Finding and voicing your truth


• Igniting creativity, joy, fun and passions in your life

Private and group Gestalt coaching sessions might explore:

• Being a more present spouse, partner, parent and friend

• Communication, trust and relationship patterns


• Understanding the root of developed behaviors, habits, coping skills and survival strategies

Private and group Gestalt coaching sessions might explore:


• Understanding, creating and maintaining boundaries

• Personal core values, purpose & vision

• Polarities in your life

• Healthy lifestyle choices and body image

• Defining and achieving personal and/or business goals

• Taking your leadership to a new level

Private and group Gestalt coaching sessions might explore:


• Empowerment, including pushing past limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and self-imposed restrictions

• Somatic responses in the body and what they are trying to tell you

• Past and present family systems and dynamics

• Past traumas in need of release and healing


“Her abilities to capture details that would usually be missed, along with creating a safe, caring space for her clients is incredible. If you get the opportunity to work with her, take it!”

Carolyne S., Charlevoix, MI